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Grantland archive. 

Paris Review archive. 

Chess.com archive. 

Garry Kasparov Returns, Briefly, to Chess, New Yorker 

The Next Generation of Men’s Tennis Has Arrived, Vogue

How Many Moves Can you See Ahead? Chess.com

The General Joy of Roger Federer, Wimbledon Champion Once Again, New Yorker

What I Learned from My First Chess Tournament, Chess.com

Venus Williams is Dominating Wimbledon, New Yorker

Rafael Nadal Runs, Leaps, Fights, and Loses to Gilles Müller at Wimbledon, New Yorker

Nick Kyrgios, the Reluctant Rising Star of Tennis, New Yorker

At the French Open, Fearlessness Wins, New Yorker

Tommy Haas Confronts Tennis’s Future, New Yorker

Playing in Pain in the NFL, New Yorker

Spectacular Relief from the World at the Australian Open, New Yorker

Andy Murray vs. the French, New Yorker

So Palpable a Stain: The Adams Family and Slavery in Washington, DC. New Yorker

The Boxer and the Batterer: Floyd Mayweather Jr. has bobbed, weaved, and danced through domestic violence accusations for much of his career. On the verge of the biggest fight in recent history, can we separate the athlete from the abuser? Grantland

James Salter, 1925–2015Grantland

Courage and a Preposterous Pair of Shorts: On the French Open victory of Stan Wawrinka. Grantland

The Fatalist: Irina Pavlova — Russian émigré, Google alumna, world-class operator, and one of the highest-ranking women in professional sports — is the handmaiden of power for the Brooklyn Nets. But can she really effect change in one of the league’s most tumultuous (and expensive) franchises? Grantland

Adventures in Wonderlawn: Living the Surreal Life at Wimbledon. Grantland

King’s College: The Long Education of Andy Murray. Grantland

A Place in the Sun: The Return and Withdrawal of Serena Williams at Indian Wells. Grantland

Dust in the Wind: Flavia Pennetta and the Tolls of Becoming a Champion. Grantland

Great and Greatest: How Venus Williams Helped Create Serena. Grantland  

Usain Bolt’s Final Turn: The legendary runner is less than a year away from vying for a third consecutive dominant Olympic performance. But as he nears the end of an unprecedented career, questions of doping in track linger, and the competition is gaining on him. Grantland

The Agony of Repeat: Old Foes Meet Again at the Australian Open — With the Same Crushing Results. Grantland

Easy Does It: The Seemingly Effortless Rise of American Tennis’s Madison Keys. Grantland

The Old Man and the Sailboat: Tomas Berdych Reels in a Nadal-Size Win. Grantland


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